High-Tech Policing

April 21, 2017 • Volume 27, Issue 15
Are new surveillance technologies effective and legal?
By Barbara Mantel


American Civil Liberties Union
125 Broad St., 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004
National organization that defends individual rights and liberties.

Brennan Center for Justice
120 Broadway, Suite 1750, New York, NY 10271
Law and policy institute at New York University focused on democracy and justice.

Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy
4400 University Drive, MS 6D12, Fairfax, VA 22030
George Mason University center promoting rigorous studies in criminal justice and criminology.

Data & Society
36 W. 20th St., 11th Floor, New York, NY 10011
Think tank focused on the intersection of technology and social issues, including the police use of body cameras.

Justice Policy Center
2100 M St., N.W., Washington, DC 20037
An Urban Institute think tank conducting research to improve national, state and local justice policy and practice, including in law enforcement.

Police Executive Research Forum
1120 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Suite 930, Washington, DC 20036
Conducts research and provides management, technical and education assistance to law enforcement agencies.

Police Foundation
1201 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Suite 200, Washington, DC 20036
Researches policing and provides training and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies.

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