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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

- April 13, 2018
Can the U.S. still be a neutral broker for peace?
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The long-sought goal of an Arab-Israeli peace settlement is looking more distant than ever. President Trump's decision in December to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and relocate the U.S. Embassy there infuriated Palestinian leaders while heartening conservative Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump defends his decision as a recognition of reality and vows to work toward a settlement in the region. But Jerusalem is hallowed ground for both Arabs and Israelis, and critics say Trump has moved so far in Israel's favor that the United States can no longer be a neutral broker between the two sides. Both Netanyahu, under investigation for alleged corruption, and aging Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, widely accused of stifling Arab democratic rights, have uncertain political futures. Frustrated with the dimming outlook for peace, a growing number of young Palestinians favor armed struggle.

Israeli Politics

The potential indictment of Prime Minister Netanyahu throws his future into question.

International Developments

The U.N. condemns President Trump’s Jerusalem agenda.

U.S. Policy

The Trump administration has slashed aid to Gaza.

1800s–1930sZionist movement seeks a Jewish state in Palestine.
1940s–1960sUnited Nations proposes Jewish and Palestinian states.
1970s–1993Negotiations follow new rounds of conflict.
1995-PresentProspects for a two-state solution dim.

Is President Trump right to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital?


Dore Gold
President, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs; former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations.


Sam Bahour
Managing Partner, Applied Information Management; policy adviser, Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network.


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