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Reforming Veterans' Health Care

- November 21, 2014
Can the troubled VA system be fixed?
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The Department of Veterans Affairs is struggling to recover from revelations that some of its facilities forced military veterans to wait months for health care and that some VA officials kept bogus records to conceal the delays. Recently appointed VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald — a West Point graduate and former CEO of consumer-products giant Procter & Gamble — has vowed to streamline the vast department into a more effective organization better able to serve the 6.6 million patients who seek its medical services each year. But critics complain the former paratrooper has been too slow to fire those responsible for the scandals, and they worry that his lack of health care and government experience may prevent him from succeeding. Despite its recent problems, the VA has conducted Nobel Prize-level research and — especially over the last two decades — delivered high-quality care to most of its patients.

Reforms Unveiled

Plans to overhaul the VA have met with support and skepticism.

Progress So Far

The VA has addressed several shortcomings revealed by the wait-list scandal.

1865–1941Care for veterans expands because of Civil War, World War I.
1945-PresentVA's modern medical behemoth marked by major accomplishments and failures.

Should veterans' health care be privatized?


Michael Tanner
Senior Fellow Cato Institute.


Marilyn Park
Legislative Representative for VA Issues, American Federation of Government Employees.
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