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Future of the GOP

- October 24, 2014
Can Republicans gain more minority support?
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The immediate future appears promising for the Republican Party: It is in strong shape to reclaim the majority in the Senate in November, gaining control of both chambers of Congress, and it commands many state governments. But political observers say the GOP should be concerned about the longer term, developing policies that can entice greater numbers of women, minorities and young people. Analysts also say the party must resolve its internal battles between the moderate Republican establishment and more conservative tea party wing. At the same time, nonpartisan scholars say, Republicans must shed the identity they have acquired as the uncompromising and confrontational “party of no.” The party's growing conservative bent has driven away many independent voters, who are crucial to winning presidential elections. The 2016 contest for the White House is seen as critical in determining whether Republicans can assemble a diverse coalition beyond their traditional base of older whites.

Congressional Contests

Republicans are expected to regain control of the Senate.

State Races

The outlook is uncertain for GOP governors.

Judicial Shifts

The next president's party could have a significant influence on the Supreme Court.

1960s–1980sRepublicans make inroads into Democrats' Southern stronghold.
1990sGOP gains control of Congress for the first time in decades.
2000sFormer Texas Gov. George W. Bush wins presidency, ushers in Republican domination of U.S. politics, but GOP monopoly soon fades.

Do tea party groups have too much influence over the GOP?


John Feehery
Director of Government Affairs, Quinn Gillespie and Associates.


Sean Trende
Senior Elections Analyst, Real Clear Politics; Author, The Lost Majority: Why the Future of Government Is Up for Grabs and Who Will Take It.
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