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Muslims in America

- July 28, 2017
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Hate crimes against Muslims have been on the rise in recent years. A string of attacks by Islamist extremists has terrorized the United States and Europe, and anti-Muslim rhetoric during the 2016 presidential campaign by then-candidate Donald Trump and some of his supporters has helped create an anti-Muslim climate in the United States. Polls indicate that Americans have growing concerns about Muslim values and Islamist extremism, although surveys show that U.S. Muslims are a diverse community with values generally in line with those of most Americans. The nation's 3.3 million Muslim population is expected to grow to 8 million by 2050, and Islam will have surpassed Judaism as America's largest non-Christian faith. But most Americans say they know little about Islam and haven't had much contact with Muslims. Meanwhile, protests have erupted over a temporary ban ordered by Trump on travelers from six predominantly Muslim countries, and anti-Muslim groups have staged rallies — met with counterprotests — alleging that Muslims want to impose Islamic law in the United States.

Trump Policies

Supreme Court backs Trump travel ban from six predominantly Muslim countries.

Banning Sharia

Some states have banned foreign laws from being used in U.S. courts.

16th Century–18th CenturySlave trade brings up to 1 million Muslims from West Africa to the United States.
1907–1929Muslim immigrants from Eastern Europe and the Middle East establish a presence in the United States.
1930–1965African-Americans mix a message of black pride and nationalism with Islam to create indigenous Islamic movements.
1982–1995Muslim organizations and individuals gain greater prominence and influence in U.S. society.
2001-PresentConcern about Islamist jihadism grows in the United States, especially after high-profile terrorist attacks. Donald Trump is elected president after saying Muslims should be banned from entering the country.

Does Islam need a reformation?


M. Zuhdi Jasser
President, American Islamic Forum for Democracy; Co-Founder, Muslim Reform Movement.


Zainab Arain
Coordinator, Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia, Council on American-Islamic Relations.


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