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 Foreign Policy and Intelligence
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Sub-Saharan Africa Aid
Spies and Soviet Restrictions
Reagan, Gorbachev Meet in ‘Fireside Summit’
Reagan, Gorbachev Joint Statement At End of U.S.-Soviet Summit
Reagan's Letters to Congress On Aid to Nicaraguan Rebels
Reagan Accepts Hill Delay of Jordan Arms
Presidential Veto Message: Farm Credit/Africa Aid Veto
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Remarks on U.S.-Soviet Summit
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Remarks on Nicaragua
Presidential Statement: Reagan's Letter to Rep. Dave McCurdy On Aid to Nicaraguan Rebels
Presidential Statement: Reagan on South Africa Sanctions
Presidential Statement: Reagan on Salt II Arms-Limitation Agreement
Presidential Statement: Reagan on Nicaragua Trade Embargo
Presidential Address: Reagan to European Parliament
Presidential Address: Reagan on World-Wide Terrorism
Presidential Address to U.N. : Reagan's 1985 United Nations Address
Population Control Programs
Micronesia Compact
Israel Gets an Aid Boost
Intelligence Authorization for Classified Projects Restricts Aid to Contras
Hill Pressure Leads to South Africa Sanctions
Genocide Treaty
Foreign Policy 1985: Overview
Export-import Bank
Crisis in the Philippines
Congress Votes to Resume Nicaragua Rebel Aid
Congress Enacts State Department Authorization
Congress Clears Foreign Aid Authorization Bill
Congress Balks at Salvador Police Aid Proposal
Chinese Nuclear Accord