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 Defense, National Security, Homeland Security
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Coast Guard Authorization
Congress Approves $104.3-Billion Defense Bill
Congress Backs Ford on Arms Procurement
Divided Intelligence Panel Issues Final Report
Ford Overhauls Intelligence Agencies
Intelligence Leak Sidetracks Reform Efforts
Marine Corps Recruiting
Military Construction Funds Focus on Base Closings and Maintenance
Military Officers' Promotions
National Security 1976: Overview
National Security Council
Navy Nuclear Training Pay
Nuclear Materials Transfers
Obsolete U.S. Warships
Pentagon Conflict of Interest
Presidential Statement: Ford on Military Assistance Program
Presidential Veto Message: Ford Vetoes Foreign Aid
Presidential Veto Message: Ford Vetoes Foreign Immunity Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Ford Vetoes Military Construction
Reserve Call-up Authority
Revised Military Construction Bill Cleared
Senate Establishes Intelligence Panel
Strategic Materials Stockpile
U.S.-Soviet Detente
U.S.-Turkey Defense Pact
Veterans' Benefits
West Point Cheating Scandal