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 1971 - 92nd Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 7 - Resources and Public Works
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$2.25-Billion Approved for Emergency Employment
$3.9-Billion Authorization for Public Works
$4.5-Billion Cleared for Treasury, Postal Funding
Alaska Claims: Natives To Receive $962-Million
Anti-Pollution Incentives
Arches National Park
Big Blue River Compact
Canyonlands National Park
Capitol Reef National Park
Coastal Management
Connecticut Historic Riverway
Conservation of Fisheries
Energy Resources Committee
Environment Compact
Environmental Data System
Environmental Dislocations
Environmental Protection
Forest Management
Golden Eagle
HUD, VA, NASA, Other Agencies: $18.3-Billion for 1972
Hunting Animals from Aircraft
Joint Environment Committee
Land Disputes
Land-Use Program
Marine Mammals
Marine Safety
Montana Wilderness Tracts
National Environmental Center
National Forest Safety
National Parks
Natural Resources
Noise Pollution
Ocean Dumping: House and Senate Pass Controls
Oceans and Atmosphere Agency
Oregon Dunes Recreation Area
Pesticide Control: House Passes Measure
Pipeline Safety
President Vetoes $5.7-Billion Public Works Bill
Public Building Construction
Public Recreation Areas
Public Service Employment Funds
Redwood Tracts
River Basin Projects
Saline Water
Thermonuclear Research
Treaties on Ocean Pollution
Water Pollution: Senate Votes $ 16.8-Billion
Water Resources Institutes
Weather Modification
Wild Horses