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 1971 - 92nd Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 6 - National Security
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AEC Authorization
Aircraft Hijacking
Arms Control
Assistant Defense Secretary
Calley Conviction
Capitol Bombing
Capitol Police Expansion
Coast Guard Authorization
Defense Conversion
Defense Procurement: $21.3-Billion for Fiscal 1972
Draft Extended After War, Foreign Policy Debate
Military Assistance
Military Construction Funds
Military Construction: $1.9-Billion for Fiscal 1972
Military Discharges
Military Lawyer Retention
Military Medical School
Military Survivor Benefits
NASA: $3.3-Billion Authorized for Fiscal 1972
POW Resolution
Procurement Policy
Renegotiation Board
ROTC Bills
U.S. Defense Priorities
U.S. Naval Ship Loans
Veterans Bills
Vietnam War Cost
Vietnam Withdrawal
War-Making Powers: Moves to Restrict President
Weapons Buying: Congress, DOD, Business Faulted