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 1971 - 92nd Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 5 - General Government
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$229.2-Billion Budget: A Record High, and a Deficit
18-Year-Old Vote: Constitutional Amendment Cleared
31-Day Rule
Action Agency: Peace Corps, Vista Merged in New Unit
Additional Judges
Advisory Committees
Ammunition Exemption
Anti-War Groups
Assistant to Chief Justice
Auto Repair Costs
Bicentennial Commission Funds
Bicentennial Commission Memberships
Black Caucus: 60 Recommendations For The President
Black Panthers
Bold Moves on Economy by Nixon Administration
Cabinet Reorganization
Campaign Spending: Major Reform Bill Neared Passage
CIA Subcommittee
Civil Rights Commission
Class Action Suits
Committee Travel
Committee Travel
Confirmations of the President's Major 1971 Nominations
Constitutional Conventions
Consumer Protection Agency: House Clears Bill
Consumer Warranties
Court Nominees: Powell and Rehnquist Confirmed
Crime Compensation
Criminal Laws Reform
D.C. Election Act
D.C. Home Rule
D.C. Presidential Primary
Delinquency Facilities
District of Columbia Bills
Dowdy: Guilty of Bribery, Conspiracy and Perjury
Elections '71: Short on Clues for Either Party
Executive Privilege
FBI Under Attack
Federal Drug Purchasing
Federal Jurisdiction
Federal Jurors' Age
Federal Jury Service
Federal Pay Raise
Flammable Fabrics
Fong's Aide Sentenced
Foreign Issues, Economy in the Forefront
Freedom of the Press
Handgun Control
House and Senate Leadership Shifts in 1971
House Committee Funds Include Raise for Security Panel
House Committee on Crime
House Computer Funding
House Employees' Pay
House Fund Allowances
House Passes Equal Rights Constitutional Amendment
Immigration Bills
Invasion of Privacy
Juvenile Delinquency
Juvenile Justice Institute
Law Enforcement Grants
Lobby Disclosure: House Committee Reports Bill
Lobby Highlights: 1971 Collisions Set Stage for '72
Major Legislation Passed and not Passed in 1971
Major Senate and House Votes During 1971 session
Membership of Federal Regulatory Agencies 1971
Metric System
Minority Committee Staff
National Science Foundation
No-Fault Auto Insurance
Obscene Mail
Organized Crime
Other Bills
Passenger Vessels
Passport Applications
Peace Corps Authorization
Penal Reform
Pentagon Papers: Publication of War Study Stuns Hill
Pocket Veto Authority
Police Benefits
Postal Service Property
Presidential Commissions
Prison Improvements
Private Pension Plans
Procurement Commission
Product Safety
Public Laws: 92nd Congress, 1st Session
Reorganization Authority
Retirement Benefits
Selling Of The Pentagon': CBS Contempt Resolution
Senate Again Rejects Change in Filibuster Rule
Senate Committee Funds
Senate Hearings on Invasion of Privacy
Seniority System Challenged in Both Houses
Six-Year Presidential Term
Social Security Amendment
Spanish-Speaking People
Speedy Trials
Subversive Activities
Sweig Indictment
Technology Office
Third Year: New Nixon on Economy, Foreign Affairs
Three Cabinet Posts, Two Justices Appointed in 1971
U.S. Magistrates
Vietnam Veterans
Voter Registration
Voting Rights