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 1969 - 91st Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 8 - Taxes and Economic Policy
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Airlines Acquisition
Bank Holding Companies
Bank Lobby Investigation
Conglomerate Mergers
Congress Agrees to Compromise on Surtax Extension
Congress Liberalizes Controls on Exports
Congress Studies Economic Report of the President
Congressionally Initiated Tax Reform Bill Enacted
Credit Card Problems
Credit Insurance
Credit Union Agency
Eisenhower Dollars
Equalization Tax, Ammunition
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Fisheries Inspection
Foreign Bank Secrecy
Foreign Economic Policy
Foreign Investment Controls
FTC Under Fire
Hamer Budge Hearing
Hearings On U.S. Inflation
Insurance Regulation
Interest Rates
Interest, Credit Controls
Interstate Taxation
Joint Committee Examines Federal Spending Policies
Mutual Funds
Permanent Debt Limit Increased to $365 Billion
Product Safety
Promotional Games
Savings Bond Interest
Securities Hearings
Size, Potential Uses of ‘Peace Dividend’ Contested
Small Business Developments
State Taxation of Banks
State, Justice, Commerce Funds
Truth in Packaging
U.S. Debt Collection