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 1962 - 87th Congress, 2nd Session
 The Appendix
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‘Rehabilitative’ Welfare Program Sought
1961 Lobby Spending Up From 1960
1962 Elections – Mixed Pattern of Results
1962 Presidential Nominations
273 Lobby Groups List Spending For First Half of 1962
312 Lobby Groups List their Spending in 1961
367 New Lobby Registrations Filed in 1962
87th Congress Authorizes Record Investigations Funds
Aftermath of Decision
Bills Acted on — Agriculture
Bills Acted on — Appropriations
Bills Acted on — Education and Welfare
Bills Acted on — Foreign Policy
Bills Acted on — General Government
Bills Acted on — National Security
Bills Acted on — Public Works and Resources
Bills Acted On — Taxes and Economic Policy
Bills Introduced — Agriculture
Bills Introduced — Appropriations
Bills Introduced — Education and Welfare
Bills Introduced — Foreign Policy
Bills Introduced — General Government
Bills Introduced — National Security
Bills Introduced — Public Works and Resources
Bills Introduced — Taxes and Economic Policy
Committees Air Billie Sol Estes Dealings
Congressional Apportionment 1789–1960
Congressional Redistricting
Court Arguments
Democratic Senate Control Assured at Least Until 1968
Democrats Increase Senate Strength With 4 New Seats
Economic Report Stresses Fiscal ‘Thermostat’ Role
Election Sidelights: Political Gambles, Average Ages, Record Vote
Federal Budget: Appropriations and Expenditures
First Six Months of Lobby Spending Exceeds $2 Million
Gop Gains Three Important Governorships, Loses others
Government Stockpiling Practices Investigated
Greater Voter Perception Stimulates New Election Patterns
House Membership in the 88th Congress, 1st Session 258 Democrats, 176 Republicans and 1 Vacancy
House Party Line-Up in the 88th Congress
Kennedy Project ‘Modest’ Surplus for Fiscal 1963
Kennedy Recommends Consumer Protection
Kennedy Vetoes Twelve Bills in 1962
Legislation Acted on or Submitted in 1962
Legislative Requests in President's Economic Report
Major Investigations Undertaken by the 87th Congress
Military Cold War Indoctrination Examined
Missile Procurement
Most Lobbies Pleased by 1962 Achievements
Newcomers, Switched Seats And Losers
Omnibus Health Care Message Asks Medical Aid for Aged
President Asks Authority for UN Bond Purchase
President Asks Congress For $4,878 Million In Foreign Aid
President Asks Congress For Educational Aid Package
President Kennedy's Major Appointments of 1962
President Outlines New Trade Program
President Outlines Plan For Transportation Overhaul
President Proposes ‘Comparability’ As New Federal Pay Standard
President Reports On A Tax Cut, State Of The Economy
President Requests Omnibus Farm Program
President Seeks Conservation Program
President Seeks Urban Affairs Department
President Urges Election Finance Changes
President's Address on Mississippi Situation
Registrations by Lobbyists
Republicans Score Two-Seat Gain in House
Reserve Reorganization
Senate Membership in the 88th Congress
State Of The Union Message Summarizes 1962 Program
State-by-State Breakdown of Final 1960 Census Figures
State-by-State Digest of Elections Results
Steel Price Rise Rescinded, Inquiry Blocked
Supreme Court Opens Door to Districting Litigation
Teamster Activities
Text of President's Message to the Nation on Cuba
Text of the President's Feb. 7 Telesatellite Request
Three Federal Budgets: What They Show
Transcript of the President's Economic Address at Yale
U-2 Pilot Powers Freed by Ussr, Quizzed by Senators