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 1962 - 87th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 10 - Taxes and Economic Policy
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‘Hilton’ Tax Bill
55% Ship Subsidy Kept, Pacific Coast Differential Ended
Action on HR 10050
Action on HR 11990
Aircraft Purchase Loans
All-Channel Television Sets
Balance Of Payments
Bank Service Companies
Civil Antitrust Documents
Clear Channels
Congress Amends Welfare-Pension Plan Law
Congress Enacts Communications Satellite Bill
Congress Enacts Major Tax Law Revisions
Congress Extends Renegotiation Act with Amendment
Corporate, Travel Taxes
Debt Limit Raised Twice in Session
Disaster Tax Relief
Economy Improves Slowly in 1962
Equal Pay Act
Excise, Insurance Taxes
Foreign Bank Deposits
Manpower Retraining Legislation Enacted
Mass Transportation Bills Blocked
Medical Expenses, Taxes
New National Transportation Policy Asked
Quality Stabilization
Relief Granted Dupont Stockholders in Antitrust Case
Retirement Income Credit
S.E.C. Activities
Self-Employed Retirement Funds
Small Business Loans
Supplemental Airlines
Tax on Health Policies
Transit Loans Extended
Work Hours Act