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 1960 - 86th Congress, 2nd Session
 The Appendix
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$15.5 Million Authorized for 1959-60 Investigations
1960 Democratic Convention
1960 Presidential Nominations
1960 Republican Convention
255 Lobby Groups List Spending for First Half of 1960
280 Registered Lobbies and What They Spent in 1959
49 Groups Report Receipts of $5.6 Million in 1959
9 States to Gain, 16 to Lose Congressional Seats
A Century of Presidential Elections
Air Force Manuals
August Session
Bills Introduced
Biographies of Newly Elected Senators
Biography of John F. Kennedy
Bond Interest Rates
Catholic Vote Issue in 1960 Election
Committees Investigate Nuclear Problems
Complete Text of 1960 Democratic Platform
Complete Text of 1960 Republican Platform
Congress Fails to Ease <emphasis role="allcaps">IRS</emphasis> Rules on Lobby Deductions
Congress Overrode One of 24 Vetoes in 1960
Congressional Secrecy Increases in 1960
Contempt Citations
Control of Legislatures is Key to Redistricting
Controls Sought for Regulatory Agencies
Cooperation to Solve Farm Problems Urged
Democratic Platform Adopted after Civil Rights Fight…Kennedy Nominated on First Ballot with 806 Votes
Democrats Hold 34-16 Governorship Margin
Democrats Maintain Majorities, Republicans Gain
Economic Report: Problems of National Growth
Economic Studies
Elections Weaken Labor in Congress
Export Expansion
Export Expansion
GOP Chooses Nixon as Presidential Candidate … Names Henry Cabot Lodge for Vice Presidency
Grain Storage Costs
Highlights of Eisenhower Legislative Program
House Members Elected to 87th Congress 262 Democrats and 175 Republicans
House Party Lineup in 87th Congress
International Development Assn.
Kennedy Wins 1960 Presidential Election in Closest Race of the 20th Century
Kennedy's Key Votes in House and Senate Since 1947
Lineup in Congress, 1855 to 1961
Lobbies had Mixed Success in 1960 Session
Lobbies Report Nearly $2 Million Spent in Six Months
Lobby Registrations for 1960 Drop Sharply
Major Investigations Undertaken by 86th Congress
Minor Parties and State Referenda in 1960 Election
Nation's Military Airlift Capacity Investigated
Newcomers to Office and Seats That Switched Parties
NSA Defectors
Percentage of Catholics in the 50 States and D.C.
Political and Legislative Highlights of 1960
Port Authority
Postal Rate Increase
President Prods Congress to Enact 15-Point Legislative Program
President Sends Mutual Security Message to Congress
President's Budget for Fiscal 1961 Calls for $4.2 Billion Surplus
President's Commission Lists Goals for 1960s
Pressure Groups Spent $4.3 Million on Lobbying in 1959
Recipients of Labor Money in 1960 Election
Registrations by Lobbyists
Religious Issue Plays Major Role in Campaign
Republicans Adopt 1960 Platform after Conflicts … Nixon and Rockefeller Agree on “14 Points”
Results of the 16 Presidential Primaries in 1960
Select Labor Committee Issues Final Report
Senate Membership in the 87th Congress
Space Legislation
State Breakdown of $900 or More Contributions in 1959
State of the Union Message Stresses Peace and Prosperity Theme
State-by-State Presidential Election Returns, 1856-1960
Subcommittee Investigates Drug Prices
Subcommittee Studies Policy Machinery
Sugar Message
Summary of 1960 Presidential Campaign, Issues
Teamster Monitors
Thirty-Four Senators Elected Nov. 8
U-2 Incident Wrecks Paris Summit Meeting
When 100 Senators' Terms Expire