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 1960 - 86th Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 9 - Miscellaneous and Administrative
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“Hiss Act” Amendment
Action on Space Reorganization Proposals
Charges Against Powell
Civil Service Annuities
Coal Mine Safety
Coal Research
Color Additives
Colorado River Projects
Common-Site Picketing
Community TV, Boosters
Congress Passes Civil Rights Act of 1960
Congress Tightens Broadcasting Regulations
Congressional Retirement
Constitutional Amendment on D.C Suffrage
Discharge Procedure Used on Five House Bills
Federal Elections
First-Class Mail Airlift
Government Personnel
Hazardous Substances
Helium Conservation
Highway Funds Authorized; Probe Starts
House and Senate Floor Action on Civil Rights
Industrial Security Order
Internal Security
Lead-Zinc Veto
Major Issues in the 1960 Civil Rights Debate
National Forests
Oceanography Research
Pay Raise Lobby Action
Political Debates on TV
Postal Rate Increase Rejected by Congress
Provisions of Civil Rights Act of 1960
Public Works–A.E.C. Funds
Religious Desecration
Saline Water
San Luis Project
Senate and House Civil Rights Amendments
Sports Regulation
Summary of 1960 Action
Supreme Court Nominees
Veto of Federal Pay Raise Bill Overridden
Water Pollution Grants
Water Projects