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 Professional Sports
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Baseball Probe1951
Sports Antitrust Bill1958
Sports Regulation1960
TV Sports Packages1961
Sports Bribery1963
Sports Bribery1964
Sports Regulations1965
Basketball Merger1971
Basketball Merger1972
TV Sports Blackouts1973
Federal Sports Board1974
Sports Event Broadcasting1975
1980 Olympic Games1976
Sports Committee1976
Amateur Sports Revamping1978
Sports Team Moves1984
Sports Team Bill1985
Lawmakers Consider Baseball's Antitrust Exemption1994
Sports Regulations, Labels and TV Violence in Commerce-Related Legislation1995
Baseball Antitrust Exemption1997
Major League Baseball Loses Coveted Exemption From Antitrust Laws1998