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 National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Work on New Authorization for Use of Military Force Is Sidetracked2017
Report Describes Secret Service ‘in Crisis’ from Attrition and Scandals2015
Quick Funds for Homeland Security2003
Overhaul Keeps FEMA in DHS2006
Nsa Spying: Outrage but No Laws2013
Nsa Scrutiny Stalls Intelligence Bill2013
New Security Office Scrutinized2001
National Security, 1975 Overview1975
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Abolished, With Border Security, Immigration Services Divided At Department of Homeland Security (DHS)2002
House Extends Authority of Sprawling Homeland Security Department2017
House Backs Homeland Reauthorization2005
Homeland Security: Homeland Bills in Legislative Limbo2016
Homeland Security Provisions2002
Homeland Department Created2002
Homeland Bill Sheds Some Baggage2004
Extension of Patriot Act Includes Rules on Bulk Phone Record Collection2015
Detainees Focus of Homeland Debate2009
Details of the Intelligence Overhaul Law2004
Customs, Border Agency Gets Boost2013
Bush to U.S. Citizens: Press Congress For Homeland Security Department By Year's End2002
Border Security Gets Funding Boost2005
$78.5 Billion Supplemental Enacted2003