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 Presidential Messages
 Bush, George W. (2001- )
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Bush Also Rejects Revised Farm Bill
Bush Catalogs Iraq's Offenses, Proposes Future Actions In Address to United Nations
Bush Evokes Jefferson, Calls for Tackling Society's Problems 'One Person at a Time'
Bush Firm on Stem Cell Research
Bush Prevails in Spending Face-Off
Bush Says Bill Would Harm Seniors
Bush Says National Security And Economic Revival Will Require Deficit Spending
Bush to U.S. Citizens: Press Congress For Homeland Security Department By Year's End
Bush Urges Peace in Middle East, Sends Secretary of State to Region
Bush Vetoes FY '08 Intelligence Bill
Bush's Sixth State of Union Address
Election Speech: Bush Thanks Supporters, Vows to Earn Trust of Those Who Opposed Him
Inaugural Address: Bush Pledges to Seek Unity; Appeals for Compassion, Renewed Sense of Civic Duty
Joint Resolution to Authorize Use of Military Force Against Iraq
Nomination Acceptance: Bush Details Past Four Years in Office And Next Four Years of Possibilities
President Rejects 2nd SCHIP Bill
President Vetoes War Supplemental
President's Budget Message: Bush Says Budget Would Pay Down Debt While Aiding Schools, Retirees, Military
Presidential Address: Bush Calls Upon Americans To Unite in 'Monumental Struggle of Good vs. Evil' After Terrorist Attacks
Presidential Address: Bush Issues Ultimatum to Taliban, Calls Upon Nation and World To Unite and Destroy Terrorism
Presidential News Conference: Bush's First Press Conference Focuses on Foreign Policy, Budget and Clinton Pardons
Presidential Statement: Bush Announces Military Action Against Terrorist Infrastructure in Afghanistan
SCHIP Veto: ‘Wrong Direction'
Spending in Farm Bill Prompts Veto
State of the Union Lauds Iraq ‘Surge,' Criticizes Congressional Spending
State of the Union: Bush Emphasizes Economy, Charity, And War on Terrorism
State of the Union: Bush: ‘We Will Lead Freedom's Advance'
The State of the Union: Bush Defends U.S. Actions Abroad, Urges Renewal of Tax Cuts, Patriot Act